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My name is Ciro and i was born in Gragnano, a small village in the province of Naples, know as " The Land of Pasta" and not only... I'm very lucky to have turned my great passion into my job. With great pride i write you few words about the italian spirit's emblem that best represents us: Pizza! Tomato, mozzarella and basil have the coluors that every Italian carries in one's heart. By now we can find Pizza everywhere and almost all test oneself against the preparation of this Deliciousness. It's amazing to know how the mixing of these three ingredients(water,flour and fire) has given life to a food that with time has become even better. Thanks to those people who do this old trade with Great Passion, pizza, in its semplicity, give us authentic pleasure moments as if by magic. By now pizza goes with cultures and tastes of the whole world and, even if its recipe isn't a secret and everyone can copy it, the heart of this speciality beats even stronger thanks to the love of those who prepare it.

The History of Pizza Margherita

Foods similar to pizza have been prepared since the Neolithic Age. In fact, records of people adding other ingredients to bread to make it more flavourful, can be found throughout ancient history. The origins of pizza can't be pinpointed to a single place or time, however there is one particular historical tale that is attributed with making pizza the sensation that is today.In 1889, Queen Margherita of Savoy, and her husband, King Umberto I, were taking a royal tour of Italy, throughout their travels, Margerita had noticed a great deal of peasants eating large, flat bread with colourful toppings. After that, the queen ordered her guards to bringher one of these the so called "Pizza Breads". The Queen loved the bread and would have eaten it every time she was out among the people, and this caused some consternations at court. Margherita didn't care about it and her love for this "Bread" was legitimized when a famous pizza maker, Raffaele Esposito, created a Pizza in honour of the Queen, tarnished with tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese (the colours of the italian flag) Raffaele Esposito named it "Pizza Margherita". There are different versions of Pizza Margherita's story: descriptions of a similar pizza recipe can be traced back to at least 1866 in the book "customs and traditions of Naples". Here the author descibed the most popular pizza tappings of that time which included tomato, basil and slices of mozzarella whatever the real origins of the pizza are, it be firmly declared that Esposito's creation for Queen Margherita was the one that made it poupular. Since then, it has become the most recognisable symbol of the italian food culture in the world.

Pizza Maker's Corner

Pizza, a simple word known all over the world, a product of the Italian traditional (especially Neapolitan) that is recognised as "a traditional speciality" guaranteed by the European Union since 4th February 2010. Pizza is a specialty made of simple ingredients but,at the same time, it expresses the pizza maker's imagination. The several ways of making pizza is the result of pizza maker's dynamic creativity who get from everything surrounds them, in order to always create new versions of the same food. According to this simple idea, inspired by our hospitable, warm and creative land, our pizzas were born: Petali di Gusto this pizza takers the we from a conversation with a doctor of our village. Pizza chi cerca trova this pizza was born from the observation of an evocative corner of the village.Pizza Ciro this pizza is named after our pizza maker's imagination. Even though these ideas, we didn't push aside the big tradition that has given notoriety to pizzas like the classic "Pizza Marinara" or the historical "Pizza Margherita". Among our delicacies we can also find a poupular in our land, "Il Panuozzo" or the simplest but delicious "Pizza con Zucca e Salsiccia". We don't to exclude for its lovely taste and its excellence"Pizza Bufalina" or its tastier variation, the so called"Frusta". Amang whose ingredients, we can find the classic neapolitan"Piennolo" cherry tomatoes. Among these delicacies... how is possible to forget"Pizza ai Frutti di Mare" or "Pizza Mare e Monti"? Furthermore, we pay attention to everyone's needs: we offer, for the bravest, "Pizza al salamino piccante" or "Pizza Salsiccia e Friggiarelli", and for the most convinced vegetarians a tasty"Pizza Vegetariana". Anyhow, our pizza maker is always well disposed to comply with our customer's wishes. We are looking forward to gladden your palate with our specialities.